Welcome to the Land of Excaldorei

Many centuries ago, King Reynalt, who was also known as the Mad King, ruled the land of Excaldorei. After succeeding his father, King Rydell II, he brought the country into a downward spiral into poverty and famine. The resources of the land were already scarce, but he insisted on taking everything for himself and his council. The people of Excaldorei were left to fend for themselves; many villages, tribes, and even the cities waged battle and war against each other, fighting over what limited resources were left. Instead of intervening, the Mad King watched in pleasure as the people of the land slaughtered each other, only to have the winner surrender the prize to him.

The gods were appalled by the Mad King’s actions. Pholtus, the god of light and law, chose Uriel of Hima, a humble human from the southern mountains, to be his emissary and bring peace to the land. The young Uriel was tasked with appealing to the other gods and asked for their blessings to help bring true justice and peace to the land.

Along the way, he gathered four companions: the brave Kurn, the half-orc ranger; the kind Orthenia, the halfling cleric; her twin sister Lorilla, a wizard; and the mysterious Naïla, an elven rogue. These five heroes journeyed to the ends of the country to visit the gods in hopes they would join Pholtus’ cause and bring down King Reynalt.

With the blessings of the eight gods behind them, the heroes stormed the capital city of Rivertale in a long siege. Under Uriel’s command, the people of Excaldorei came together in this final bout, arresting those of the Mad Council and bringing their own flavour of justice upon them.

At the end of the siege, in a grand presentation in the center of Rivertale, in the center of Excaldorei, Mad King was executed for all to see.

Right up until his final moments, King Reynalt, bound in a burning bon fire, lived with no regrets. Even after his defeat, he continued to laugh and grin in the flames. To silence him, Kurn shot an arrow to pierce through his forehead. People still talk of the wide mad smile the king wore on his lips as his lifeless corpse burned.

Uriel, being the humble man he was, became uncomfortable with the task of ruling a country alone. He decided to create a council consisting of himself and his four friends. They split the land into five provinces and each hero was given a province to govern: Kurn took to the mountains of the northwest, to the province of Rathnus; Orthenia took to the swampy southwest and called her province Harrin’dale; Lorilla went southeast to the sandy Gavinstrad; and Naïla disappeared into the foggy cold of the northeast province called Neverwind. Uriel stayed in the central province of Luxandria and made his home in Rivertale.

Here, in Rathnus, is where we begin our story. Lord Kurn constructed his keep by the southern coast of the province. He named the keep Ravensoul, named after his beast partner Raven. He vowed to not allow his aid for Excaldorei to end along with the Mad King. He created a guild, this guild, the Ravensend, to continue helping those of the land. He recruited several mercenaries and adventurers who shared the same resolve.

As time went on, people came from all over the province and the land to construct a city around Kurn’s guild home. Soon the entire city took on the name of his original home.

As Kurn grew old and frail, he handed the guild down to the one who was deemed the most worthy to continue the everlasting mission towards a prosperous time. Those selected to take the place of the true Guild Master was known as the Guild’s Hero Master.

Now we have lived in an era of peace for over three centuries. The five heroes ruled justly during their time, and left their succeeding Guild Hero Masters to take their spots on the Grand Excaldorei Council. But even within a peaceful era, there is conflict and turmoil lurking in the dark shadowed corners of the Excaldorei.

Ravensoul Inspiration


3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Land of Excaldorei

  1. Interesting, I like it. What sort of setting would you describe this as? THe image looks very eastern, where as I know most D&D settings default to western.

    I’m excited to see what dangers lurk for your party!

    • The land is overall a mix of eastern and western. This portion of the land in particular is more eastern inspiration, especially architecture wise. When we get to other places Excaldorei, there are some different architectural styles.

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