I Wrote An Article For My Friend’s D&D Blog! And Other Updates

Salutations everybody!

For this week’s D&D related article, I wanted to point everybody in the direction of a good gaming friend of mine Jake. He is the primary writer on his own D&D-related blog The Room Fills With Water. He writes a bunch of articles all relating to different aspects of pen and paper RPGs, including reviews of D&D related products, opinions and overviews of monsters and creatures, overview summaries of his group’s D&D sessions, and tips and tricks for DMs of all levels. I personally have found his blog very helpful as a new DM, along with his own personal advice for me regarding what I prepare for my own group.

Last week he asked me to write an article for his blog as a guest writer! I called it “A New DM With Even Newer Players“. It is about my personal experiences as a newer DM to the D&D world and what it was like teaching five people how to play as I was learning how to DM. It was an interesting experience, that’s for sure, but I’m not going to spoil it all here. You can go and read it over on his blog. (Go read it now) (Seriously) (NOW!)


It’s the story of me leveling up from a player to a DM! And boy do I get a lot of new features and traits at this level

Also, starting tomorrow, I’m going to be writing episodic summaries of the events of my own campaign! It’ll be a cool way to follow our group’s progress, showing what kind of encounters I come up with and how the players solve them. I will be writing these articles in a more “storybook” fashion, not including dice rolls and other mechanical terms, so it will have a bit of a different style than everything else on this blog as well as other session summaries that I’ve read/heard via podcasts. If that is something you’re interested in reading, keep an eye out for the first session tomorrow! I will be writing the summaries every other week on Wednesdays until I have caught up with the campaign. Once I am all caught up, they will be posted on the first Wednesday of every month (since we play monthly).

So everybody be sure to go check out my article for Jake’s blog and check out the rest of his D&D articles too! He has some really great stuff over there that I’m sure you’d enjoy.


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