The Ravensend Guild Session #2: An Easy Enough Task

The following morning, after their entrance exam, the gang regrouped again to prepare for their first day as Fledglings to the esteemed Ravensend Guild. They met with their proctor Rey, who was having a bit of a sleepy irritated start to her day, but she digressed. She introduced a human Fighter to the group named Sawyer. As a request from the Heroes Caine and Thorin of the guild, Sawyer was to join their team as another fledgling. With some very brief introductions, The Javelins became a team of 6.

Rey congratulated them again on their previous success and explained that she is no longer their proctor. She will now be acting as a mentor to the group. The Ravensend Heroes, the more elite members of the guild, will decide whether or not their team is worthy for their cause. From now on, they will be the ones watching them. Almost like another test, but the group was not dismayed. They were ready to take on whatever came next.

Rey decided to send them to a small village to the south called Swinfor. They have been seeing a lot of goblin skulking outside their village to the point of discomfort. The Javelins are to head to the village, talk to the village people, and see if they can eradicate their goblin problem. Sounds simple enough right?

The team sets off into the town making their way to the new magic shop in Ravensoul, Tullie’s Curious Trades. The shop is still littered with boxes everywhere, with a human female unpacking their contents onto shelves. Bolero recognizes this girl as Abby, a girl from the local tavern that he played a song for as a favour to… a friend. Abby was happy to see Bolero again, but she explained she did not own the shop. She was Tullie’s assistant.

Abby called for Tullie in the back and the middle-aged female rock gnome was excited to see the customers. Tullie has been in the city for a while, but as a traveling merchant. She would often pull her wagon into town once a week to sell her goods, so she was known around town. It was only recently that she was able to move into the province’s capital. Unfortunately Bolero, Kildark, Ander, and Lia were a little low on gold, and only purchased her stock of Potions of Healing.


Meanwhile, Sawyer and Ragnarok decided to search the town for a place they can rent horses. They made their way to the southern stables where they met a large burly man named Garth. With some planning, Ragnarok and Sawyer are able to secure the group 4 horses, with the intention of a couple of people sharing a steed.

Ragnarok, excited to ride a horse, hopped on and rode the horse through the town, but the horse was startled by the dragonborn’s sudden grasp and was not used to running in the crowded streets of Ravensoul. Ragnarok used his booming voice to force people out of the way, but it startled the horse further and tried to kick him off its back. After several attempts, the horse threw the blue dragonborn off its back and ran back to the stables. Ragnarok returned to the stables and Sawyer where Garth was more than unpleased and refused to loan out that steed to the group, but the dragonborn’s temper began to get the best of him. He attempted to intimidate and threaten the stablehand into handing over the steed, but Garth was not easily frightened. In fact, Garth refused to loan out any of his steeds… Sawyer was able to diffuse the situation quickly, offering to for Garth to keep to steeds and the gold, while Kildark manage to drag Ragnarok away before he can threaten Garth anymore than he has. Garth just shook his head and muttered, “Damn chromatic lizards. That’s what I get for dealing with them.”

Now with all that excitement over and done with, the group is now forced to travel by foot to the village. Luckily it is only a few hours walk on flat lands. Outside the city walls is just flat grasslands, where they can actually see the village despite it being hours away from them. On the path, the group is attacked by a couple of Harpies. Ander and Sawyer were the only ones to fall for their Luring Song, but their team had their backs. They slew the Harpies with very little difficulty, and Lia made sure to take a feather as a token of her victory.

download (1).jpeg

The group makes it to the Swinfor village mid afternoon and make their way to what looks to be the village square. They see a large tent where many of the villagers are taking in crops and other goods. Inside they meet the chieftain of the town Tyron, a male human.

They knew that the goblins lived in the nearby Kashi Woods, but this has been the first time they have ever come this close to the village. Kildark, Ragnarok, and Sawyer, satisfied with the answer left the tent and waited outside for the others, but Lia, Bolero, and Ander stayed behind. They tried to prob Tyron for anything else he may know.

Tyron found comfort in Lia and decided to whisper to her, “They took my daughter Brynn.” He pleaded for the elf to keep it a secret, for he knew that this would be a more expensive fee to pay to the guild. The village was struggling as it was with people being reluctant to work in the farming fields with goblins skulking about. They were only able to afford a simple “eradication” mission as opposed to a more expensive rescue mission.

And in a serendipitous moment, the village was under attack by a flock of goblins. The villagers ran from the south end of the village and the group tries their best to run against the scared crowd. Sawyer, Ragnarok, and Kildark were the first to the scene, seeing goblins attacking defenseless villagers. With ease, they slay all of them, but Sawyer is able to tell that there were others with them that escaped into the forest.


When the others catch up to the three with Tyron, they realized that there was only one house that was attacked – Tyron’s. Inside, furniture had been flipped and his wife laid injured in the kitchen area, covered in her own blood. With quick thinking they administer a Potion of Healing to Tyron’s wife, Odette, and noticed a ripped floor board.

After pleading and a few more attempts at intimidating the answers from Tyron, the chief explains that was where he hid a special crystal he gave to Odette as present before they were married. He attempted to trade it for his daughter but the goblins refused. They claimed they needed both his daughter and the crystal. He confessed that he hoped they would defeat all of the goblins so he would be able to go in and save his daughter himself and avoid the rescue fee.

Feeling sympathy for the man, the group agreed to save his daughter and keep it from the guild. In exchange, they (mainly Bolero) requested for a free bountiful meal when they returned with his daughter.

Into the forest they went, following the tracks of the goblins. They stealthed in two separate groups, the first with Ander, Lia, Sawyer, and an invisible Bolero, with Kildark and Ragnarok trailing behind. They find a clearing in the forest with two hobgoblins, and two worgs and three goblins patrolling the rim of the clearing. The worgs sniff the area thoroughly and manage to catch the scent of the first team.


Sawyer realized they have been caught and initiated the battle. The goblins were not caught off guard, but they were not expecting combat to start off with a Shatter from our half elven bard or a Fist of Four Thunders from the human monk. The battle slogged on has the six adventurers battled with their seven adversaries. When it gave to turn in the Javelins’ favour, one of the hobgoblin blew on his cornucopia horn. Every round of combat, something with heavy feet boomed closer and closer to the clearing.

Knowing they will need to run, the group devised to capture one of the goblins for questioning. They yelled back and forth to be sure to take one of the hobgoblins, seeing that they looked more knowledgable than the goblins. They manage the get one of the hobgoblins merely unconscious, but the other hobgoblin, aware of their plan, refused for their plans to be known. Honouring their plan, the hobgoblin reluctantly slew his friend before being slain himself by the raging half orc barbarian.


The group began to make an escape, feeling the tables turn in the goblins’ favour as the booming footsteps drew closer. And as another serendipitous moment, a Hill Giant appeared in the clearing, tearing down trees with his club swings. The one remaining goblins shooed the giant away. As the giant sadly return to its place, Sawyer, determined to find something out, stayed close by to capture the remaining goblin. He managed to knock a goblin unconscious and tie him up. He carried the goblin on his shoulder and returned to his comrades, hoping that this stupid goblin will know something.


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