August Favourites

Hello everybody! It’s the end of the month so that means that it is time for me to go through my August Favourites: the things I really enjoyed this month, and hopefully give them a little bit of a signal boost (although I’m sure they probably don’t need it…)

Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Nintendo 3DS)

At the end of July, I decided to delete my old town of Leaf from my Animal Crossing game and start my Villager life anew in a brand new village. And that village’s name is PieCrust!


Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a game where you inadvertently become the human mayor of an animal town. It’s a small town at first, but your trusty adorable canine secretary Isabelle believes you can help make this town great! The only way I can really describe this game is the Sims with an adorable anime/Nintendo/Japan spin on it… (Without the shipping. If you want shipping, you can go play Harvest Moon – which is another game I truly enjoy too!) You spend your day running around the town, digging up fossils for the museum, greeting all 10 of your villagers every day, fishing for some rare fish or hunting for those giant beetles, only to sell them to the lovely llama at the recycling centre Re-Tail in hope to make all of the Bells to pay off your loans to the local real estate/businessman Tom Nook, or to donate back into the town to help build what we call “Public Works Projects”.

As time passes, and you put more and more Bells into the town, it will evolve and one day become the town that Isabelle has always dreamed of. I know it doesn’t sound too exciting, but I promise it is! You feel so accomplished every time you build that project a villager asked for, or when you finally see the tiny local T&T Shop grow into the huge Emporium! It has been the perfect game for me to just calm down and relax. You design your own town the way you want it to look. Plus, a lot of the villagers are super adorable… I just wish that certain ones would just move out and leave my town to make more room for the cute ones… I’m looking at you Diva… Go away….

Stranger Things (Netflix Original TV Series)


This is a very obvious one that probably doesn’t need the boost, but I can’t not mention it! It was literally all I can think of during the week it took me to finish the season (and yes I know a week is a long time to take to finish it… ). The amount of times I would look over at knifeyspoony and just yell: “But what about Barb?!” is astounding. Without any spoilers, because I wouldn’t want to spoil anything for anyone watching this show: set in the 80s, a group of nerdy kids who love playing Dungeons & Dragons in the basement are set on a quest to find their missing friend with the help of a mysterious girl with mysterious powers. I’ve heard it described as a cross between The X-Files meets The Goonies done in the style of those classic Spielberg movies, a la E.T. and Jurassic Park.

As a person who hates horror/intense thriller movies (my heart can’t handle the tension), I can truly say that watching this show was well worth it! If anything, the score alone would be worth the watch! The Duffer Brothers did such an amazing job with this show that even people who don’t like the scary tension of the genre will be able to appreciate the work and mastery of the craft. They were able to find that sweet spot between the jump scare and the curious intrigue of discovering what is around the corner. I was always tense watching the show, but at the same time, I wanted – needed! –  to know what the hell was going on! If you haven’t seen it, you need to drop everything and go watch it. I promise you will not be disappointed!

Bob’s Burgers (TV Show/FOX)


Again, I’m sure this doesn’t need a boost… In fact I believe that I am super late to be jumping on this bandwagon… I was a little apprehensive in starting to watch this show because I have recently fallen out of love with those animated family comedies, a la Family Guy, American Dad, and even The Simpsons to an extent (though the first [probably] 10 seasons of The Simpsons will always wiggle its way into my heart), but I was constantly hearing great things about the show so I caved. I’m glad I did.

The way I usually describe it to people is this is what I wish Family Guy was like. It is truly about a regular family; everyone has their little quirks and goes through their own antics and adventures, but it always goes back to being a family and going through it all together. One of the many things I love about the show is that the father Bob is not your stereotypical doofus of a father you see in other sitcoms like this. He’s just a normal guy, trying to run his own burger joint, who falls victim to his own pride from time to time, and is surrounded by his quirky family. It is always about the family, never about placing them in extraordinary situations. They are never put in outrageous situations, like having the opportunity to go into space; the most adventurous (at least that I’ve seen thus far – I’m only done watching the first 3 seasons) is when the Belchers are “forced” to live on a cruise ship. Bob’s Burgers is very grounded in always being about the characters and about trying to live a normal sustainable life running a burger joint.


Bullet Journaling

Well this is a different kind of boost than what I have had previously. So I am *a little bit* obsessed with planners and organizing my day. Just a bit. I promise….

Anywho, there is this new(ish?) way of planning known as the BuJo, or Bullet Journal. It’s essentially planning your day with bullets and a certain key to indicate the type and progress of a certain task. It was first designed by a gentleman of the name Ryder Caroll. It is a very easy simple way to organize thoughts and tasks in a monthly, weekly, and even daily overview.

I personally do not follow Carroll’s system to a tee, but there are a lot of things that I’ve taken from his prototype designs and added to my own bullet journal. I’ve made it into a hybrid of a tasks list and a memory keeper… Also I add a lot of adorable stickers to my spread because LOOK AT THEM!… I use this as a great self care method, taking note on staying hydrated, taking my vitamins, how many steps I take, and giving attention to the events and plans that I’m really excited for and on the tasks that are important.


This is the week’s spread of my birthday week!

Of course you don’t have to make everything look pretty with stickers or colours or lettering. If you go to the Bullet Journal website (and yes there is a website for this stuff), all of the “spreads” aren’t elaborate. They are very functional without all the embellishments that I like to add on. It helps to keep track of the tasks that I need to get done, the tasks that aren’t getting done (thanks to a little thing called migration), and makes me think about a gratitude or a happy memory from each day, helping to keep me grounded and giving me a nice pick me up at the end of the day. And if you decide to go down the little rabbit hole I did, you can check out a lot of interesting pages that people created for their own journals. Pinterest away! 🙂


3 thoughts on “August Favourites

  1. Awesome! Stranger things is amazing I am only on Ep 5 :). Welcome to the Bob’s Burgers fandom, it’s such a good show.

    On a side note after you past blog entry I gave Rick and Morty a try and loved it, watched the whole series in a week, amazing. My only complaint is the finally episode of season 2 was a little heavy for my taste for that style of a show.

    • JAKE! You are the perfect audience for Stranger Things I think 🙂 let me know when you finish it! I want to hear your thoughts about it.

      Oh the finale in Season 2 did take a darker turn in the end, but I think it was interesting because after 20ish episodes, we finally see Rick be an actual human with emotions, but it was a bit of a jarring not transition from what we’re used to seeing. I’m very interested in how the third season is going to start 😀

      As always, thanks for being such an avid reader and commenter of my blog!!

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