September & October Favourites

Salutations again HCP readers and welcome to another edition of my Monthly Favourites! Last month got so crazy towards the end of the month that my September Favourite fell off the grid, so to make up for that, I will be combining my September and my October Favourites into one post – this post!

For those of you who have never read this series, this is when I take the time to go through a few of the things I got super into the past month (or in this case two months). They range from games, to movies, to television, to music, to pretty much anything I have ingested and would love to give a little bit of a “signal boost”! So here we go with the September and October Favourites:



For all you Torontonians, I cannot recommend the JFL42 festival enough! It is a comedian festival in the city that lasts around a week and a half to weeks at the end of September, where 42 amazing comedians, both locals and international, perform their acts in various venues all over the city. Along with the 42, there are several “headliners” – bigger named comedians who perform at the Sony Centre for Performing Arts. They have a really great credit system where you can redeem a credit every time you check in on the official JFL42 website on your smartphone, and then use it to reserve a seat at another show the next day. You can essentially see as many shows as you want to even if you buy the smallest credit package!

This was the third time I’ve gone to the festival, and this year may have been the most shows I have seen. The JFL42 team is really great about reaching out to amazing comedians (both up-and-coming and veterans) and bringing them to the city. It’s also a really great way to discover some new comedy as well! If you have an extra credit to spend, why not reserve a spot for a comedian you’ve never heard of! You may find a local comedian that you may end up loving and may arguably become your favourite comedian today *cough* DeAnne Smith *cough* check her out *cough*.

Harvest Moon


Okay guys… Excuse my language here, but I have been playing THE FUCK out of Harvest Moon: A New Beginning for the Nintendo 3DS. I cannot express to you all the number of hours I have spent fertilizing and brushing my animals. And looking for that right mineral for that recipe I’ve been wanting to create. Or decorating that garden space Dunhill gave me because I failed to realize that I need to participate in THREE Monthly Garden Tours before I can make any real progression in the town – but I’m not mad… No… You’re mad… *grumble grumble*

Harvest Moon is a farm simulator game where you are the newest villager to a town and, for some odd reason, the success of the town rests on your shoulders. Oh, and you have to create a new life on your new farm at the same time. Simple right? Well it can be. If you’re okay with taking forever to do anything in the game. There is a lot of planning and maintaining that goes into running a successful farm while trying to keep everyone in the town happy. Maybe you will even find yourself a loving spouse? You need to water your crops everyday and learn the harvest cycle of every individual crop so you can gain the most profit. You need to pet, brush, and clean your animals everyday if you want to ensure the best quality milk, wool, or eggs everyday. You need to remember what days shops are open and what items every villager loves because popularity is a thing… At the very least you should give Soseki an Old Coin every day because he’s the correct husband… I love this game so so much that it has probably become the biggest time suck in my life currently. I always promise myself “Oh I’ll just play one day. Just one day and that’s it.”

HA! Nice try…

I got into this game because of the hype around the Steam game Stardew Valley. It’s very similar, and I’ve been dying to play it… Unfortunately there is no Mac OS port for the game so I got myself Harvest Moon to quench the thirst. It definitely does the trick (though I would like to still play Stardew Valley…), and if you like any sort of life simulator game, Harvest Moon: A New Beginning is definitely on the recommendation list.

Jessica Jones & Luke Cage (Netflix Originals)

So I’m just going to group these two together because I actually watched them one right after the other. I watched Jessica Jones in preparation for Luke Cage. Now I’m not breaking any new ground with saying that the Marvel Netflix Original series are amazing and everybody should watch them. The actors, the story, and the overall tone are great and bring such a rush layer to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Along with the Daredevil series, there is a much darker and grittier tone and image throughout. There is no way you’d be able to find the kind of stuff that Kilgrave and even Cottonmouth bring to Hell’s Kitchen and Harlem respectively.

The Marvel Netflix Originals bring something that the movies seem to more often than not miss their mark on: a great villain. I’m not saying that all the movies have terrible villains – I will always love Loki – but you cannot compete with the amount of time the television series gives us with Kilgrave, Cottonmouth, and Mariah. Netflix has given us 13 hours to fear, hate, cry for, and adore these fantastic villains (played by equally fantastic actors). Oh and the superheroes are pretty cool too. If you’re looking for something darker and grungier in our Marvel content, check these two series out on Netflix.

Marvel Movie News (Podcast) *cough* I like Marvel *cough*


This is a first time on the Happy Couch Panda! I get to talk about a podcast! So I am actually quite the fan of podcasts thanks to a special someone (I’m looking at you knifeyspoony), and through the fantastic Geek & Sundry series Signal Boost! I discovered a man named Matt Key who hosts the Marvel Movie News podcast on the Popcorn Talk Network. Now it is exactly what it sounds like: a bunch of people sitting around microphones talking about the latest Marvel movie related (meaning both MCU and Fox Marvel) news that has come out in the last week.

Now the past few weeks have been CRAZY in the Marvel news thanks to Luke Cage, the upcoming Doctor Strange movie (which I can barely contain my excitement for), and the endless amounts of announcements for the new 2017 Marvel releases, and even some 2018 news! Now I’m sure there are a million and nine podcasts related to Marvel, but what I love about this podcast is the amazing dynamic and enthusiasm of the hosts. They are so excited about Marvel Movies and love bouncing off of each other’s excitement and love for these heroes. This podcast has probably made me laugh just as much as those comedians from JFL42. These hosts make me so excited for the upcoming things in Marvel that I can barley hide my inner nerd…. DOCTOR STRANGE IN ONE WEEK! Okay that’s all.

Erased (Anime, viewable on CrunchyRoll)


As my final favourite boost for the month(s), I would love to inform the world of the amazing anime Erased. Holy crap is this anime fantastic – especially if you love melodrama. It is about a 29 year old aspiring manga artist who can do a little thing called a Revival. He is able to go back in time to a moment where something bad happens and he has the power to stop it, such as when a child is about to get hit by a truck whose driver has passed out due to a heart attack. Or perhaps back 18 years to save a classmate from being kidnapped and murdered? This is an emotional thriller that leaves you wide-eyed and yelling at the screen to know what happens next. It’s a murder mystery as well as a melodrama. This anime came recommended by a YouTuber/Twitch streamer who I greatly respect *cough*wittzgirl*cough*check out previous favourites posts*cough* and gosh am I happy that I took a chance on it. I don’t want to say much else out of fear for spoiling anything, but I promise you that you won’t regret checking it out.

And those are my favourite things from the past two months! I hope that you guys take a chance on checking out these things. Please leave a comment below if you have, or if you’ve already seen/listened to these thing! I would love to hear your opinions too! And if you think there is another you love that you’d love for me to check out, leave down below in the comments as well, or you can follow me on the Twitters (@panda_emonium) and tweet it at me!


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