November Favourites

Hey everybody! It’s that time again where I get to share with you a few of the nerdy things I got to enjoy this month. This month I delved really hard into only a couple of things so I don’t have a lot to talk about… But I think once I tell you about them, you will understand the state I was in the majority of the month.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe


Who saw Doctor Strange? Who thoroughly enjoyed it? Me. Me. Me. AND ME. It was by no means the best Marvel movie (I would place it somewhere in the lower part of the higher tier), but watching Doctor Strange reminded me just how much I enjoy watching the Marvel movies. Last year, I decided to take the MCU journey and watch everything in the universe chronological order (not by release date) including all the television shows (though to be perfectly honest, I kinda dropped Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D after finishing my marathon last year..). It was a fun ride to see how everything meshes with each other in the established timeline, and damn do I love any excuse to watch Guardians of the Galaxy and Civil War.

I have spent half of my free time this month watching Marvel movies (this time in no chronological order) to prepare myself for another MCU chronological order marathon, but this time I want to watch it with director’s commentary.


Out of curiosity, I turned on the commentary for Captain America: Civil War and was not disappointed. I love listening to the directors talk about their process, and what it was like working with certain actors and creative departments, and what direction they were going in for a particular character. I would’ve given my left ovary to be a fly on the wall in the conversations between the Russo Brothers and Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr., or the talks between James Gunn and Chris Pratt. Listening to the Civil War directors and writers inspired me to watch all of the MCU movies with commentary to hear the directors, writers, producers, or whoever they have talk about what it was like creating one of my favourite movie universes. That is the sort of thing I love hearing about, and was one of my favourite things to be in on during my theatre career. That stuff is my kind of jam!


Pokemon Sun & Moon


How can I write a blog post about my favourites without mentioning the new Pokemon games that came out on the 18th? This is what I have been doing with the other half of my free time. Halfway through the month, Nintendo released the newest instalment of the Pokemon main series, Sun and Moon, based in the Alola region (inspired by the islands of Hawaii). Everything about this new game is so different from the others that it has become such a refreshing new take on an old beaten formula. The graphics are beautiful, especially for a Pokemon game; the trainers all don’t look like children (unless their supposed to be children I guess), every single Pokemon species is given a touch of personality in its movements, and the overall cinematic quality of the game has just been brought up several notches. It plays more like your traditional RPG game as opposed to your usual Pokemon-beat-the-gyms-and-Team-Whats-Their-Name-and-catch-em-all style.


Oh and there is actually a story element with mysteries, build ups, and reveals that you wouldn’t expect from your typical Pokemon game. The new mechanics also keep the gameplay fresh and wanting me to come back. At about 11 hours of gameplay, I only arrived to the second island because I spent so much time in Pokemon Refresh (similar to X&Y’s Pokemon Amie feature), the Poke Pelago (a separate island where all your PC Pokemon can play and gather items, berries, or even train for EXP while you play), and in the Festival Plaza (the online communication hub)… Though I did spend 2 hours fishing for a Feebas….

If you’ve never played a Pokemon game, I would definitely recommend for people to start on this one. It’s fresh and exciting, with an intriguing story and great mechanics that fix some of the blunders of the older games (I’m looking right at you HM slaves). I haven’t finished the game (in fact, thanks to life, I am only half way through and I haven’t been able to play too much and I’m just dying inside), but I would be very confident in saying that this may just be the best Pokemon generation yet. I’m really excited to continue my journey through the Alola region and explore all the mysteries to come! #TeamRowlet #Team Dedicueye


Passion Planner

Okay maybe not as nerdy that you might have been anticipating… Or is it? As I’ve stated before, in my August Favourites post, I really like planners… I like them enough to mention them in not one, but TWO posts over the course of three months… Over the years I have adopted many different types and brands of planners, but this is the first time that I find myself going back to one: the Passion Planner. I used it about two years ago, and put it down to try out other planners, but there is something about this one that makes me feel more organized and productive…

It has an hourly breakdown style with plenty of room to make to do lists (one of my favourite things) for both personal and work (or school), and lots of blank space to doodle or do whatever you would like to with that extra space. I like to use it to keep track of certain things (work, budget, shopping lists, quotes from the week) and also brainstorm ideas about my blog or other projects I have on the go.


The crowning jewel of the Passion Planner is the Gamechanger roadmaps and reflections. At the beginning of the planner, you are given space to make something like a mind map of your general goals in 3 months, one year, 3 years, and in your lifetime. You take those goals and break them down in smaller mind maps and steps; these steps need to be small and actionable. As you go through your year, you can go back to these pages and check off all the tasks and goals you’ve completed! This type of planner is definitely meant for those goal oriented folks who love checklists and step-by-step processes. It’s a really great way to break things down into more manageable steps and then asks you to reflect on those steps at the end of every month. If you want to learn more about the Passion Planner, see their story, and even get a free PDF of their planner, you can check out their website AND if you do decide to buy one, be sure to give then my email address: to let them know I sent you over to them 🙂


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